Erwin pavilion is part of the Rappoport Restaurants holding company, which places an exceptional attitude towards products at the forefront. The project's kitchen features seafood and delicacies.

The restaurant opened in the pavilion building, which is part of the park complex of the Patriarch's Ponds

The pavilion was built by the architect David Khazanov in 1939, and then re-erected in 1985 by his son Mikhail

The luxury of the interior is felt in every detail, but it is not at all intrusive; guests enjoy the feeling of spaciousness, stunning views from the huge windows and an abundance of greenery. and on the ceiling there is a chandelier in the shape of a large flower from sans souci has not yet left anyone indifferent. krivtsova&redina(rossini, laduree) used materials such as marble, onyx and natural wood in the design.

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